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If College Were Like The Mall Of America…

Hold the phone ya’ll. I wish I was artistic cause then I could draw a really BAD ASS rendering of the mall/college that I’ve dreamt about multiple times. Coupled with the fact that last night I dreamt more about my former school years, essentially taking a journey back in time from college to high school to junior high in different forms.

For example, my remembrances of college were based in the actual dorms and rooms. I clearly have some subconscious fascination with multiple-occupant dorm rooms and how exactly they are situated. Whether they are super cramped or vastly and illogically designed – like either three beds in a space the size of a hummer, or three beds in a space the size of a suburban household in Denver, CO, full square footage, as if the walls between the sitting room and the family room didn’t exist. Also, in the larger rooms, a distinct lack of privacy (aside from the bathroom – my subconscious hasn’t been compromised in that regard)…

I suppose my memories of high school were the least distinct of the three levels, but I would say in general, when I dreamt about my educational years, they tend to either take place in college or in a quasi version of my junior high. None of the characters are really form junior high, but the physical world is more like junior high than high school. And in this case, when my dreams devolved even further to elementary school, they were more of my teachers, and less about physically what my elementary school was like. And the idea that it’s been so long since I’ve been in elementary school that they have architecturally updated my elementary school. I guess it kind of goes through phases, but I can honestly say, my high school, in any recognizable form, has not appeared in my dreams for quite some time. I can’t really remember the last time it appeared.

I digress.

Ultimately I’m trying to manifest the idea of this college that takes place in a mall, and what all comes out of that. What’s the interesting kicker to that scenario?


Security & safety?

A future society in which consumerism via education is king?

This could possibly be the most original idea I’ve ever had.

NEWSFLASH: My Civil War Story is basically Cold Mountain.

But what about a society in which the most popular college education comes in conjunction with a mall? Literally, your college is in a MASSIVE mall, at least four times larger than the Mall of America. Like the MOA, the four corners of the complex are dormitories, and virtually everything in between is consumer temptation. As you walk to class you are bombarded with consumeristic information; information that is tied in with your college experience. Billboard outside every store that attempt to convince you that you NEED this item and item in order to have the proper college experience.

And the fact that this whole complex is contained, and you basically never have to leave the building except to visit your family… there’s definitely security in that. That idea definitely comes from the contained nature of my own college experience. There wasn’t much venturing outside of campus because mobility was restricted unless you had a car. In this case, the whole experience having a mall incorporated into your college is a given. It’s not like you come form some uber-agrarian community and this college world is completely foreign, but it is definitely a different kind of assault on your senses and personal identity.

Are there illegal connections going on relating to alcohol and drugs? Scamming on tests?

I guess I’m starting to physically imagine what this landscape would look like. What would the outside world look like? How big of a leap would it be to go to this kind of school and where would it subsequently take you in society? Would it take you to an even more consumeristic world? Would you actually gain influence or power? A government center that ALSO was incorporated with a shopping mall? What’s the end game? Is it brain washing? That seems too derivative to me. Too simple.

If the dormitories are the literal cornerstones, and the shopping mall the interior, where are the classroom’s? How fluid or in-discrepant is the school versus the mall? Is it all just brain-washing?

Escaltors? Stairs? Amphitheaters?

Seriously you guys, I think I could come up with a legitimate floor plan for this shiz. And that floor plan could potentially lead to very profound story telling. Or at least, I would hope so. In all likelihood probably not.

Sorry that this post doesn’t make much sense.

Stream of consciousness HOLLAAAA!!

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Emily Thorne Level Bad Assery

I wish I had decided to post this in the morning so I wouldn’t have forgotten so much, but here we go nonetheless.

I didn’t start off as an Emily Thorne revenge type, but I was definitely running away from/avoiding someone. Recently my dreams have taken place on my college campus so… there’s that. But so I was in  classroom setting and I was clearly ill-prepared for the class discussion. Someone in the class recognized me and we may or may not have been giving each other suspicious looks, or it could have just been random looks of a non-suspicious nature, I’m not sure. At this point I was in and out of revengy Emily Thorne purposes.

The scene transitioned to something more dramatic and  myself and a few cohorts were trying to get out of the room before we were discovered – because we were wanted. People were chasing us now. And so I was sort of Emily Thorne, but also someone else, but also a non-physical presence viewing everything. Emily Thorne and one other girl she knew, an old friend, were still in the room when two people threw open the door expecting to see somebody they could capture. Naturally, Emily & friend played it cool. ACTUALLY, they played it tricksy.  Turns out Emily and friend were former lovers? Emily had an ongoing love interest at this point, of the male variety, so it was somewhat surprising to learn/realize that this old friend, a female, was also a potential love interest.

Somehow knowing the people opening the door didn’t know what she, Emily, looked like, and given her familiarity with the other person in the room, who was not “in on it”, Emily just grabbed her friend and sort of started making out with her. And for as much as it was “business” to distract the people opening the door, it unexpectedly turned into a pleasurable moment, however short lived. They played it off like they were interrupted in the throws of passion and the two intruders acted as much. They awkwardly asked if there was anything suspcious going on in the room and Emily & friend said, why, no there is not. And I guess it worked.

The rest of the dream moved rather quickly, in that there were only impressions of future events, but the impression of future events was that Emily and her friend got back together briefly, as their connection and passion was real, but ultimately they were not meant to be, and the same issues that split them up before caused them to split up once again.

I suppose the most refreshing piece of this all was that it all seemed perfectly natural and acceptable. It was never like, ohh sexy girls possibly getting it on. Nor was it doubtful that Emily could have feelings for both a man and a woman. A vision of the future in my lifetime? Who knows. A reflection of my own personal subdued feelings? – I don’t think so. I’ve tried to be open enough to imagine being with another woman, and it just feels awkward and uncomfortable. In respect to my friends of the non-binary variety I try to keep an 0pen mind that one day in the future my sexuality might swing in one direction or another, but at this point I really feel quite certain of my leanings. A few more boyfriends might put the last nails in the coffin.

I don’t take these kinds of things happening in my dreams to mean I want them to be realized in real life, but rather the behavioral traits of the character – largely related to assertiveness. I wish I could go up to a guy with confidence that I liked him and be able to express as much without feeling shy or stupid or inadequate. But I suppose that will come with time.

Hope this post makes sense. I’m 4 beers down. =D

I’m not even going to proof read it. That’s how Emily-Thorne-Bad-Ass I am.

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Alien Invasion

I had a legitimately scary dream last night. It started off as any normal dream with innocuous family vacations, then suddenly that big monster thing from the Avengers trailer showed up in the sky and people were watching it like, “oh my gosh that’s crazy, but not totally scary since it’s keeping its course.”

And right before this Avengers monster showed up there was this freak wind storm/tornado system with sustained winds that was blowing all this shit into the air including trash and sand and general earthly debris.

But after the Avengers monster showed up it turned out there was possibly full scale alien invasion going on. First they were just in their ships flying through the atmosphere and everybody could see them flying around but they never showed any hostililty or sign that they were gonna land so people, or at least me and my dad at home, were like um ok well I guess we’re safe for now. For some reason I was trying to remain optimistic.

Now it’s night time and these ships are still flying around like it’s Firefly or something and then all of a sudden they stop middair, I can see 4 or 5 at this point, looking over the Bouselog’s house, and then it’s as if beneath each ship a spotlight shines up underneath it, maybe as a sort of anti-gravity to slow their descent, or maybe for dramatic effect, I don’t know. But at this point I’m officially starting to lose my shit. I don’t know where my dad is, if he’s in the house, or if he’s at work late at night, but I look out the front of the house and people, mostly with their kids, are bundled up in jackets and what not (though the weather is summer-ish) and they’re walking north. I don’t know what the significance of this is, and I’m thinking where do they think they’re going that they can evade these alien landing parties?? Ships have landed all around, do they think they can hide in a park or something?? Or in the brush by the river? That’s really pretty unrealistic.

I never found out if they were hostile or not, but I was genuinely afraid. Maybe the sense of doomsday came from watching I Am Legend. And its 2012 and last night before I went to bed I think I was thinking about if this could be the end of the world. Like if the earth’s magnetic fields decides to switch, or aliens do invade… then again, maybe that was after I’d woken up from the dream and was trying to calm myself down a little bit.

You’ll all be glad to hear that after I feel back asleep I had much more neutral to positive dreams. =)

Gotta go watch some more Prison Break!!

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Sneaky As Shit Trickery

I wish I’d made this post earlier today because then I’d remember more details, but I’ll do my best now, 12 hours later.

It started as me in college, but it was like this giant dream college that I’ve created in my mind before. It’s sort of centered around a mall, and there are enormous wings of the building where the dorms are located. There are also crazy huge elevators that transport you from one level to another.

So I was in the this giant elevator going to my particular wing of the dorms and there was this asian girl who I just randomly felt connected with. We chatted it up and sort of hit it off in an awkward college student kind of way. Then the dream transitioned to a thriller/action/chase movie. Akin to the previous night’s dream where I was being chased by my enemies. And I also became the female asian character, whom I chose to identify as Boomer from Battlestar Galactica. HA.

So it was me (Boomer), the leader (my love interest), and another dude. We were running down Mississippi River Blvd away from our enemies who I can only describe as vaguely akin to “ninja white walkers.” We were always looking behind us to see if they were coming around the corner. The reality was they were always less than a mile behind us.

Whilst in the elevator I had packed my b-pack full of gifts and other small doo-dads. Naturally, in order to make us faster, I had to chuck a bunch of that stuff, much to my chagrin. I didn’t fight it, but I wasn’t thrilled about it. There was snow on the ground so the three of us hid our extra things in the snowbanks in an attempt to hide our tracks.

We hid our things and there was snow no more, and we went into this house that I guess we somehow knew was empty… like the residents were super rich and were on a vacation. Then our group of refugees was larger, like a dozen people maybe. We were divvying up rooms, taking showers, feeling like we could take a brief break from all our worries (BSG reference? anybody?), but then I guess it was clear that our ruse wouldn’t work on the ninja white walkers. So suddenly we were instructed to pack up and get ready to move. Where to, we weren’t sure, but we had to get out of there.

Turns out this Uber rich couple had a massive basement akin to a mall, and they had a lego store and I guess we were meant to hide in the Lego store warehouse. At this point there’s been constant tension between me (Boomer) and my love interest, just like knowing that we don’t want to get separated, and in general that we don’t want to cede to the power of ninja white walkers.

At this point I woke up, but I imagined that there was a giant Lego globe, possibly unfinished, in which our group hid whilst a few others, including our leader/my love interest would go confront the ninja white walkers. I insisted on joining cause I didn’t want to  leave my love and it was all sort of Matrix style. We were seemingly doomed but then we somehow miraculously, through the power of the human spirit, persevered. If not the human spirit than at least sneaky as shit trickery.

So that didn’t do justice to the actual dream I don’t think, but again, this is 12 hours later. And 3 Bud Light Lime’s down.

So without any proper conclusion:

Lator Gatorz.

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I’m In Love With Lady Mary

I’m not really in love with Lady Mary of Downton Abbey. While I’m a fan of the show and have come to like the character of Lady Mary very much, I am most certainly not in love with her. I am however in love with Anna and Daisy and Gwen. And I think in a very homely kind of way High Bonneville (Lord Grantham) is very dreamy. He just seems like the sweetheart that he is in the show. I digress.

I dreamt that I was living in a college-like building and me and some of my friends went downstairs to do something. It’s been many hours since I had this dream so my memories of it have faded significantly. As a point of interest, earlier in the night I had a dream that I thought would be worthwhile to remember and write down and I thought I had remembered it until I had this dream involving Lady Mary. So that’s unfortunate but just the way it goes I guess. So we went downstairs and we were meeting up with somebody for some reason and the characters in the dream sort of shifted to fictional characters, and one of my friends shifted into Lady Mary, but it was still modern times, but saving face for the family as if  it were 1920 was still important.

We were making some sort of trade with this person and I guess he proceeded to try and get away with stealing from us? I guess he was trying to get a set of keys. Or NO, we were trading him something in order to get our set of keys back. We gave him what he wanted and then he briskly walked away with our keys. My normal, real life reaction probably would have been to stand there bewildered at his dishonesty, but for one reason or another I felt like I had to impress Lady Mary and our other mutual friend there and I immediately chased him into the parking lot to get my G.D. keys back. AND I DID so BOO YAAA.

I returned to the building, and half of the first floor had turned into a bar scene and Lady Mary and our other friend were waiting for me to bring honor and victory back to the group. I was supposed to be the hero and when I returned the set of keys to her she was eternally grateful and at that point the dream had been shifting toward our budding romance and that was the heroic moment in which our destiny was sealed. The dream continued and we continued to flirt, but then then somehow it ended with my looking at random dream versions of my childhood memories regarding my hockey career. Whaaaaaatttttt?? I don’t know how or why it went there, but it did, and so it was a somewhat disappointing ending to the dream.

The funny part of the whole thing was that after the dream was over, and to be honest, I kind of ended it myself because I was tired to looking through dream-version memories, I woke up, turned over, looked at the clock, and it was 11:01am. No fucking joke. I think I went to sleep at about 2:45am, which to be fair it quite late, but I usually wake up anywhere between 9am and 10:30am and can’t physically force myself to sleep any longer, but today I woke up, straight out of a dream, at 11:01am SHARP, and got out of bed about 5 minutes later, which is also fairly rare. Usually I lay in bed for at least 15 minutes after waking up.

Ahhhh the beauties of being unemployed/not working the morning/not having to be anywhere or look completely put together. =)

P.s. I’m a few glasses of wine down so I’m really hoping this post makes sense.

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Suburgatory Incest?

Last night I had a very interesting romantic dream. It was very much PG rated, but the twist was that my protagonists were the father/daughter duo from the ABC show Suburgatory. Except they weren’t father/daughter in this dream. In real life some people have said that the two actors have weird sexual chemistry for a father/daughter duo, and I would tend to agree, though I don’t actually think it’s as pronounced as some people make it out to be.

Anyway, so these were my two leads and it definitely was a love story about an older man and a younger woman. Like a 40 year old and a 22 year old. The dream was primarily from the older guys perspective, but I will say that I identified with the younger woman. I’ve never been attracted to a man that much older than me, but still, it kind of opened up the possibility to me in a way. I felt like I appreciated the emotions at play, regardless of the taboo.

So I can’t remember if the guy was married or not, but there was some sort of gathering at which he and the girl were both at. Said gathering had ended  and/or moved on, and he very clearly felt attracted to her. She noticed his attention and wasn’t sure what to make of it but wasn’t totally averse to it. She had left her coat on a chair and he grabbed it for her and it was a subtle romantic gesture.

Skip ahead a bit and there was an activity that the group did where the guy and the girl were paired together. It was like a roller coaster ride or something random like that. That is when they sort of became friends, and began their attraction courtship.

Skip ahead even more, to the evening, and the group os doing yet another activity. This time the guy has decided he’s done for the night so he’s gone to his hotel room to watch tv and go to bed. The girl has gone to the activity but eventually decides it’s not for her and she’d rather hang out with her new friend. So she puts on her PJs and grabs a pillow and heads over to the guys room. It’s not like she’s walking in there with expectations of sexy times. On the contrary it’s more akin to the movie Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. They simply get along and enjoy spending time together. She’s just looking for someone to hang out with who’s she’s actually interested in hanging out with.

So that’s basically when the dream ended. I think I dreamt earlier that they almost kissed, like they just barely started leaning in toward one another but then were interrupted by someone giving them instructions on their next activity. Whatever this activity program is… what a let down, am I right? Haha. Since it ended and I enjoyed it, I continued it in my head and decided that they had a good time watching bad tv and rimming each other and their corny movie tastes. Then they fall asleep, at first very much on opposite sides of the bed, then they pull a Chuck & Sarah and wake up in the morning wrapped around one another. Nothing has happened, but they are clearly very much at ease with one another. And from there the rest is dream history.

They lived happily ever after. =) Even though they had a 20 year age difference. They were just meant for each other *swoon*.

So I appreciated the dream for its addressing a societal taboo, and realized I could appreciate two people falling in love because they are very simply a perfect match, what is considered “the norm” aside.

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Dual Follow-Up (Spoiler post for CWS)

So I was just thinking about that dream I had last night that I posted about earlier and how it might possibly apply to my Civil War Story (CWS). All you readers out there don’t even know it yet, but **SPOILER ALERT** Peter and Kate get together in the end.

So here’s what I’m thinking: That idea that two people are so well suited for one another, and even though they try to stay apart for no good reason, there is an equally no good reason for them to stay that way. Kate’s hesitance comes from her husband leaving her. If she protects herself she can get by just fine. If she were to open herself up to someone and let down her guard, she could get hurt all over again and she doesn’t want that.

Peter is a little more clueless on the matter of love. He’s sort of a stereotypical guy who doesn’t realize until the last minute that maybe his feelings are romantic in nature, rather than just friendly. They have a brief, maybe, day of happiness, imagining themselves being together, but then Peter heads off to war, not unlike Kate’s husband. Ohhhhhhhhh brother this does not sit well with Kate. History has repeated itself in her eyes. So she disengages from the relationship. She isn’t so much mad at Peter, though she admittedly peeved, but the way she sees it, she’s protecting herself. She made a mistake but it’s not irreversible, so detach now and forever hold your piece.

So when Peter comes back from the war, finally, he basically is ready to get back together. He does realize Kate’s thought process and that she’s just trying to protect herself, but he also feels like that’s not a good enough reason to not be together. He admits to his folly, but he doesn’t apologize for it. And when two people are so at ease with one another, as they are, and the only reason they are not together is because they don’t want to get hurt, why, that’s no reason at all. Everyone would be so much happier if they just submitted to themselves.

“Do you really, honestly, believe that I would abandon you?” Peter might ask Kate. Admittedly, perhaps not, she thinks. And despite herself she wants to be with Peter. She can’t think of a good reason not to be with him. Rationally speaking, she says it’s because she doesn’t want to get hurt again, but she and Peter are like magnets. Even after he returns and the war is over and they try to remain acquaintances they somehow always end up in the same place at the same time. And they have a good time.

So yeah. Isn’t it kind of lovely? Nothing like another dream to help put a long-developing story into perspective and add some depth and understanding to character motivations.


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The Wheels On The Bus On The Beach

That sounds like a Bones episode title, no?

Anywho, I had an interesting dream last night. Well, not interesting per say, but just with a slightly different angle than usual. Well, maybe not that either, maybe it’s totally on par with most of my dream, but whatever. It felt a little different than usual to me.

So it sort of morphed from the house here in Centennial to the Cabin, to a large HF suite to a rented beach house, and thusly, beach location. Then I think it was probably a family owned beach house but whatever, details are not terribly significant. We were walking around the hallway and checking out our beach suite and it was cool. This concept probably comes from looking for houses for pond hockey tourney in February.

Nothing particularly exciting was happening. I had a girlfriend. Like legit lesbian-style. It was all cool though, we just hung out with my fam and had a good time. Skip ahead a short period of time and we boarded a school bus/city bus/train. And everyone would probably have to be sharing seats, and instead of finding my own seat I decided to hunker down with my now ex-girlfriend. Or at least we’d grown apart somehow, IDK. But then she was telling me about how she was having a 30th birthday party with some of her friends and I was like oh, that’s cool. I wasn’t necessarily poking around for an invitation, but I was trying to play it cool and not be sad that only a short time ago I would have attended her 30th birthday party.

It was a mutual break up, though basically initiated by her. So there were still some unresolved feelings, you might say. Inconsistencies in my understanding of why she wanted to break up. And I didn’t hate her for it, but right as I was waking up my dream self did start to think about bringing up that she liked my family and my friends a lot. Her parents were either dead or just not around and generally unsupportive, so she seemed to sort of develop a parent/daughter relationship with my parents to help fill the void. It was kind of sweet actually. She really seemed to fit in comfortably with my family’s and my crowd, to the point where I felt like she was cutting herself off from a good thing in her life. And there wasn’t any real big dramatic catalyst for us to break up, so neither should there be any big catalyst for us to get back together, but I just felt really strongly that everyone would be better for her being in our lives.

Maybe there was a hint of us not thinking we were lesbians and then sort of being in denial about it and trying to act like we didn’t really like each other that way. Well, that kind of thing isn’t usually what I worry about in my dreams, whether I’m a girl or a guy, straight or gay, cause in the end it’s the interpretation of the dream that is more important than the specific aspects of the people, places, and things that appear. Those are usually pulled from memories anyway, and could be an amalgamation of a multitude of memories.

So that’s it. I just thought the interaction and underlying feelings on the bus were interesting. Very subtle and not overly dramatic. I only wish I’d not woken up, just to see where the conversation went. Even if it went nowhere. It almost feels like my subconscious giving me a life lesson about relationships! Hahaha.

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Last night’s dream went very much like I imagine The Walking Dead is like, though I’ve never seen a whole episode of that show.

Out of nowhere a zombie epidemic spread, starting at a hair salon that I was at, or at least that’s where the first zombie I saw came from. So I ran home and people ere turning into zombies, and there was a small group of local survivors and we were hiding out in a large school or something. Actually, it was probably something like the Lifetime Fitness here in Centennial, which is fucking HUGE. And I had been there on Saturday so that’s a legitimate memory that could have inserted itself into my dreams.

The zombies weren’t completely stupid, and we were relatively secure where we were at even though the zombies basically knew we were there. Near the end they gave us a reprieve. They were like we won’t attack you for 3 days or something random like that. Like they were trying to draw us out or something. I don’t get it either. Intelligent zombies?? What is this, the Borg??

But so amongst us survivors I guess we thought it would be a good idea to procreate?? Yeah, this is the weird ass place my mind goes when I’m dreaming about sentient zombies. And it makes perfect sense to get a bunch of women pregnant with 3 days off from zombie attacks right? Cause then you’ll just have a bunch of pregnant and vulnerable women in 5 months or so. Then after that, their children. WHATEVER…

Someone was randomly pairing people up, I had one good girlfriend, and we were sort of hoping we’d get good matches. I was not happy with my match. He was kind of douchey. Maybe akin to Schmidt on New Girl. He was like yeah, let’s do this! That’s basically when I woke up and was like even though I’m vaguely interested in seeing where this going, it’s already been a very long and taxing dream. And so I altered the ending to turn into romance. So the guy I’m paired up turns out not to be too douchey and actually quite respectful. The first night we don’t even talk to each other. Then the second and third nights we talk. Then after that we spoon and get used to sleeping next to another person. It’s a small emotional win, like there’s security in knowing that other person is there and they have your back should anything suddenly happen.

There’s one instance where one of us goes and stays somewhere else after an important meeting and that’s kind of the catalyst for admitting our feelings for one another. And then eventually, of course, we fall in love and blah blah blah that’s basically the end of the story. I guess we survive and kill all the zombies or something. And live happily ever. HAHA, my stories always end like that. Pretty lame, but as I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for romance. And bad romance in my head is way better than bad romance in actual TV shows and movies.

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Flirting School & BSG

I had a series of dreams last night that were interesting. 3 to be specific. The first took place at a… seminar, I guess you’d call it, for dating/flirting. It was in a city apartment and my old friend from elementary school Kristen was there. I don’t know if we attended together or if it was a pleasant surprise that we were both there, but either way, things got slightly awkward pretty quickly. I guess we were practicing flirting or something? And suddenly I was getting these vibes from Kristen that were legit. I largely managed to brush it off, but then, as an aside, as we were leaving, and everyone was feeling confident about their flirting skillz (this is such a weird dream, no?), Kristen decided that even though I was making it clear I wasn’t interested, she bent me over backwards and kissed me smack on the mouth, leaving me flabbergasted, and she just walked away, delighted in her confidence. Ok, so we must have attended together cause that would have made for long term awkwardness, but it was just like WHOA, that was so awkward and strange, but maybe let’s just pretend it didn’t happen and move on with our lives.

The second part is related to that and I don’t have any story for this part cause all I can really remember is being a judge of some kind, and Kristen way rallying for LGBT rights or something, and I passed the bill; whatever bill had come across my bench. And she was like BOO YA! YES! And we felt good that together we could turn this important bill into law, despite any previous awkwardness.

Third part is not related to the first two and it was more complicated that I can really remember. I do remember at one point the town we were in was being attacked by aliens or BSG-style bad guys. Two of my dogs were injured or something, but they were like shriveled, so I lay them out to dry on the floor in the office, hoping they would expand like those little foam capsules that disintegrate and them expand in water to make dinosaurs and what not. And eventually they did, I guess, and so I hugged them close because I was so happy to see them alive and full sized.

The last bit of that third part was much more complex than I even realized during the dream, but Chief Tyrol, from BSG, has some piece of cylon equipment and he couldn’t really figure out to use it, but then Boomer came along and it hooked up to her in a really cool sneaky way, and everybody, including myself, was like HOLY SHIT!! YOU JUST UNLOCKED THE KEY TO WORKING THIS CYLON DEVICE! And that’s basically when I woke up.

So an interesting night overall. Awkward, weird, strange, bizarre, sad, scary, and then totally awesome. Who needs real life experiences when you can feel all these emotions in one night?

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