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More Mall-College Ideas

So this school/mall setting is basically a rectangle. In the rotunda is a moveable carnival/food court. On one of the short sides of the rectangle is a 4 or 5 story-high seating area, with retractable tables. The entire student body can be seated in these seats for presentations and lectures. The rotunda can be quickly converted to a stage where said presentations and lectures can be given from. While not being used for presentations and lectures, students often study in these seats, or hang out and make out, like people their age do.

Said lectures and presentations might be made on cultural topics – such as why it is important to go to school in such a setting; the importance of consumerism; general brain-washing types of things.

This college could very well be the Harvard equivalent. The bigger the mall/ consumerist environment, the “better” the school. That’s the general concept. Cross-promotion is king.

Would it be too much to incorporate that which I’ve absorbed about premium youtube content? Is there an element other than just the students living their lives? What kind of cross-promotion are they expected to participate in as students? Are they expected to express preferences in some kind of public forum as a way of asserting social status?

Which then naturally brings me to a completely new idea about what if everyone had youtube channels and interacted with society in a large part in that way? I won’t get into that quite yet, since I haven’t fleshed out the mall-school thing yet.

So, is it a mark of social status to be more consumerist than somebody else? Or to like the “right” brands? That relates to today FO’ SHO’.

What’s the way out? What’s the fatal flaw that the protagonist is going to find? Maybe we’re not there yet, maybe I still need to establish this world…

Farmers exist. Bankers exist. There is always a center of commerce in any given town. But going to this particular school is like going to Harvard. It’s the best of the best. And the protagonist will have a conflict with that.

Nature – what about nature? It still exists. But it’s largely ignored. And considered dangerous? Except for a select few who are the equivalent of homeless in that they actually go out and hike and camp and effectively live in the nature that most people don’t understand because it’s been so long since anybody has ever really appreciated it. It’s kind of like the factionless in Divergent. It sounds like it sucks, but it’s really the best thing ever because there are no rules or limitations. Nature exists in a lot of places, even with people taking resources from it.

Is there a revolution? Is it nature vs. development? Ehhhh, I’m not sure yet.


Ok, ok, ok. But I do have a fairly distinct concept of the dorm areas. How does that affect social interactions? In that format is it pretty similar to today’s dorm life? What about the people that work in these school-malls? Are they separate workers from the students? Do they get special treatment or benefits because they work here? Do they interact with the students in a more significant way than a seller/buyer relationship? Are the students the employees? Eh, that’ sounds a little overly complicated, socially-wise.

Or, well, maybe not. Your social status depends on what job you get; at which store. But I also like the idea of non-students socializing with students and having some kind of effect on them as a result. They can be secret friends and confidantes. They can also be secret competitors and enemies.

How long is this college program? Does it result in running your own company? After you graduate are you expected to be hired by a company and participating in their sinister business deals to promote their own brand? Is this really all just an allegory for the business of business? Does that even make sense???

Ok, maybe that’s seeing too far in the future. I don’t know.

I think that’s pretty good for the time being. Considering I’m 3 glasses of wine down and have poured myself one last glass. Just please don’t be too hung over tomorrow when I have to take my dad to the airport!!

P.S. – I’m not even gonna spell check this BOO YAAAAAAAAA

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