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It’s been quite a long while since I posted last. In fact, it’s a whole new year. Literally!

I recently discovered Daily Grace on youtube. Where Mark Oshiro of Mark Reads & Watches may inspired me to start posting on my own wordpress site, DailyGrace has only-in-theory-so-far inspired me to start making videos and posting them online. Have I recorded any video of myself doing anything? NO. Not even remotely. I’ve thought about things I might do whilst recording myself, but I have yet to execute any such video recording session.

So what am I getting at exactly? I’m not entirely sure, but I thought it’d be good to post something nonetheless.

What am I watching on tv right now? – I am literally watching Nashville on ABC.

What am I reading right now? – I am reading A Clash of Kings in the Song of Ice & Fire series.

What did I have for dinner?- Two leftover chicken tenders, a cup of grapes, a half cup of bell pepper, 5 slices of marble cheddar cheese, and about 7 slices of cucumber. And guess what? It was a damn tasty dinner and I’m not hungry two and a half hours later.

That’s one thing I suppose I could mention. Since a week or two before Christmas I have been haphazardly embarking upon a quest to eat more healthily. I hesitate to call this a diet because my ultimate goal is not really to lose weight, just to eat more balanced and natural, without breaking the bank. The ultimate way to lose weight and/or get fit is to exercise and eat right, and that fact is not lost on me. So while my exercise regime is close to non-existent at this point, I can at least start to eat a but more healthily.

What does that mean, exactly? Eating more raw foods. Raw foods have more vitamins and minerals in them. For example, I’m not a fan of raw broccoli, but you steam that shit and you put butter salt and pepper on it and it’s GENIUS. But steaming veggies, along with boiling them, sucks out a fair amount of nutrients. So by picking fruits and veggies that I don’t mind eating raw – bell peppers, apples, grapes, snap peas (sometimes), and cucumbers to name a few – I am getting more natural vitamins and minerals that will ultimately help me feel more full and satisfied. Cause if I’m burning extra calories through exercise, all my body wants is to get all the nutrients it needs, right?

Onto the second part – decrease the amount of sugar and sodium. Am I still eating standard Jeffery-family dinners? Hell yeah! Steak, broccoli with butter, salt & pepper, rice with butter, salt & pepper. Pot roast, stir fry, mac & cheese with Velveeta. All those classic dinners – yeah I still eat ’em. I eat a healthy lunch, and I snack on healthy foods (ooh, peanuts too – nuts are a good source of protein and are a good filler snack) pretty much up until dinner when I eat that classic tater-tot casserole. And I try to keep my dinner portions reasonable.

Is this a problem for leftovers? Absolutely, unfortunately. I, Caroline Jeffery, can demolish left overs like nobody’s business. Whenever I have leftovers I separate them into serving size tupperware containers so I can eat them the next day for lunch. For years I thrived on this method and still do to a certain extent these days. So this new “eating raw healthy foods for lunch and through the afternoon” deal has been difficult because I am still making dishes that result in leftovers, but I am eating those leftovers less often. Not so un-often that I can’t finish them before they go bad, but I do get tempted to binge on leftovers. They are just too god damn YUMMY-LICIOUS!!!

Speaking of cheating on my new “diet,” I do give myself some cheat days, though admittedly, I’ve been taking more cheat days since I’ve been temporarily living alone. When living with another person, it’s surprisingly easier to maintain one’s diet, perhaps in the hopes of not looking like a quitter. For instance, I made a rule that I could only drink alochol on Saturdays or when I went out with friends. And to be perfectly honestly, I don’t go out very often, not even remotely close to every weekend, so that seemed a reasonable rule. It was fairly easy to begin with, drinking only one night a week, when someone was there who was drinking EVERY night to a certain level of excess. It was almost like an example right in front of my face of why it was a good idea not to drink 2-3 glasses of wine every night. But is it harder to do the same when living alone? Abso-fucking-lutely. Does that mean I’m drinking 2-3 glasses of wine a night? No. I think that’s definitely been a positive of this nearly month-long half-assed endeavor. I drink alcohol maybe 4 nights a week, tops. I splurged on a 6 pack of beer the other day, drank it over 3 days. 2 beers a night. Not the best practice for any kind of diet, but not the worst. And after a bad night at hockey I stopped at the liquor store and caved on some box wine and whiskey, but hey, I’m only human. Sometimes you just need a DRANK, amirite? All that being said, I am very happy that I’ve decreased my alcohol consumption from every night of the week to 3-4 nights a week. I just feel better in the morning. Not that I used to feel like shit, but I can tell the difference you know? I’m less groggy and I wake more naturally. That doesn’t discount my inherent laziness… but maybe that’s a topic for another post.

MMMmmmmm…. is that all for the different eating habits? Less pop, less Kraft Mac & Cheese, less alcohol, more raw veggies that make me feel full. OOh! And more apples and peanut butter. OM NOM NOM,

Am I really meant to write? Or record videos? Or something where I share my insights with other people? I don’t know. That takes a certain amount of gaul and charisma that I’m not entirely sure that I have. Though I suppose to a certain extent it takes practice. Were Daily Grace’s first videos particularly dynamic? No, probably not. But through repitition and practice she gained more confidence in herself and now creates hilarious videos every day of the week. It’s like a muscle. Am I necessarily meant to develop such a muscle in my own life? Maybe not. But it never hurts to throw some thoughts and words on the internet anyway and see where it leads you, ya know? What inspired me to start brushing my teeth regularly? Some random anecdote from a college friend. What prompted me to start using mouth wash every night? I honestly don’t remember. What prompted me to start brushing my teeth TWICE a day? I don’t know, I just decided it was time to get it over with.

For all those folks in my life who are worried about me and my lack of a full-time job, I guess all I have to say is, I’ll get there. I don’t know when, I don’t know under what pretenses. But I know I’ll get there. Just support me while I’m searching, eh?

Wow, that turned REAL preachy without it being my intention. Revealing my insecurities much?

Later Gatorz.

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