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Emily Thorne Level Bad Assery

I wish I had decided to post this in the morning so I wouldn’t have forgotten so much, but here we go nonetheless.

I didn’t start off as an Emily Thorne revenge type, but I was definitely running away from/avoiding someone. Recently my dreams have taken place on my college campus so… there’s that. But so I was in  classroom setting and I was clearly ill-prepared for the class discussion. Someone in the class recognized me and we may or may not have been giving each other suspicious looks, or it could have just been random looks of a non-suspicious nature, I’m not sure. At this point I was in and out of revengy Emily Thorne purposes.

The scene transitioned to something more dramatic and  myself and a few cohorts were trying to get out of the room before we were discovered – because we were wanted. People were chasing us now. And so I was sort of Emily Thorne, but also someone else, but also a non-physical presence viewing everything. Emily Thorne and one other girl she knew, an old friend, were still in the room when two people threw open the door expecting to see somebody they could capture. Naturally, Emily & friend played it cool. ACTUALLY, they played it tricksy.  Turns out Emily and friend were former lovers? Emily had an ongoing love interest at this point, of the male variety, so it was somewhat surprising to learn/realize that this old friend, a female, was also a potential love interest.

Somehow knowing the people opening the door didn’t know what she, Emily, looked like, and given her familiarity with the other person in the room, who was not “in on it”, Emily just grabbed her friend and sort of started making out with her. And for as much as it was “business” to distract the people opening the door, it unexpectedly turned into a pleasurable moment, however short lived. They played it off like they were interrupted in the throws of passion and the two intruders acted as much. They awkwardly asked if there was anything suspcious going on in the room and Emily & friend said, why, no there is not. And I guess it worked.

The rest of the dream moved rather quickly, in that there were only impressions of future events, but the impression of future events was that Emily and her friend got back together briefly, as their connection and passion was real, but ultimately they were not meant to be, and the same issues that split them up before caused them to split up once again.

I suppose the most refreshing piece of this all was that it all seemed perfectly natural and acceptable. It was never like, ohh sexy girls possibly getting it on. Nor was it doubtful that Emily could have feelings for both a man and a woman. A vision of the future in my lifetime? Who knows. A reflection of my own personal subdued feelings? – I don’t think so. I’ve tried to be open enough to imagine being with another woman, and it just feels awkward and uncomfortable. In respect to my friends of the non-binary variety I try to keep an 0pen mind that one day in the future my sexuality might swing in one direction or another, but at this point I really feel quite certain of my leanings. A few more boyfriends might put the last nails in the coffin.

I don’t take these kinds of things happening in my dreams to mean I want them to be realized in real life, but rather the behavioral traits of the character – largely related to assertiveness. I wish I could go up to a guy with confidence that I liked him and be able to express as much without feeling shy or stupid or inadequate. But I suppose that will come with time.

Hope this post makes sense. I’m 4 beers down. =D

I’m not even going to proof read it. That’s how Emily-Thorne-Bad-Ass I am.

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