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Alien Invasion

on April 29, 2012

I had a legitimately scary dream last night. It started off as any normal dream with innocuous family vacations, then suddenly that big monster thing from the Avengers trailer showed up in the sky and people were watching it like, “oh my gosh that’s crazy, but not totally scary since it’s keeping its course.”

And right before this Avengers monster showed up there was this freak wind storm/tornado system with sustained winds that was blowing all this shit into the air including trash and sand and general earthly debris.

But after the Avengers monster showed up it turned out there was possibly full scale alien invasion going on. First they were just in their ships flying through the atmosphere and everybody could see them flying around but they never showed any hostililty or sign that they were gonna land so people, or at least me and my dad at home, were like um ok well I guess we’re safe for now. For some reason I was trying to remain optimistic.

Now it’s night time and these ships are still flying around like it’s Firefly or something and then all of a sudden they stop middair, I can see 4 or 5 at this point, looking over the Bouselog’s house, and then it’s as if beneath each ship a spotlight shines up underneath it, maybe as a sort of anti-gravity to slow their descent, or maybe for dramatic effect, I don’t know. But at this point I’m officially starting to lose my shit. I don’t know where my dad is, if he’s in the house, or if he’s at work late at night, but I look out the front of the house and people, mostly with their kids, are bundled up in jackets and what not (though the weather is summer-ish) and they’re walking north. I don’t know what the significance of this is, and I’m thinking where do they think they’re going that they can evade these alien landing parties?? Ships have landed all around, do they think they can hide in a park or something?? Or in the brush by the river? That’s really pretty unrealistic.

I never found out if they were hostile or not, but I was genuinely afraid. Maybe the sense of doomsday came from watching I Am Legend. And its 2012 and last night before I went to bed I think I was thinking about if this could be the end of the world. Like if the earth’s magnetic fields decides to switch, or aliens do invade… then again, maybe that was after I’d woken up from the dream and was trying to calm myself down a little bit.

You’ll all be glad to hear that after I feel back asleep I had much more neutral to positive dreams. =)

Gotta go watch some more Prison Break!!


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