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Sneaky As Shit Trickery

on April 11, 2012

I wish I’d made this post earlier today because then I’d remember more details, but I’ll do my best now, 12 hours later.

It started as me in college, but it was like this giant dream college that I’ve created in my mind before. It’s sort of centered around a mall, and there are enormous wings of the building where the dorms are located. There are also crazy huge elevators that transport you from one level to another.

So I was in the this giant elevator going to my particular wing of the dorms and there was this asian girl who I just randomly felt connected with. We chatted it up and sort of hit it off in an awkward college student kind of way. Then the dream transitioned to a thriller/action/chase movie. Akin to the previous night’s dream where I was being chased by my enemies. And I also became the female asian character, whom I chose to identify as Boomer from Battlestar Galactica. HA.

So it was me (Boomer), the leader (my love interest), and another dude. We were running down Mississippi River Blvd away from our enemies who I can only describe as vaguely akin to “ninja white walkers.” We were always looking behind us to see if they were coming around the corner. The reality was they were always less than a mile behind us.

Whilst in the elevator I had packed my b-pack full of gifts and other small doo-dads. Naturally, in order to make us faster, I had to chuck a bunch of that stuff, much to my chagrin. I didn’t fight it, but I wasn’t thrilled about it. There was snow on the ground so the three of us hid our extra things in the snowbanks in an attempt to hide our tracks.

We hid our things and there was snow no more, and we went into this house that I guess we somehow knew was empty… like the residents were super rich and were on a vacation. Then our group of refugees was larger, like a dozen people maybe. We were divvying up rooms, taking showers, feeling like we could take a brief break from all our worries (BSG reference? anybody?), but then I guess it was clear that our ruse wouldn’t work on the ninja white walkers. So suddenly we were instructed to pack up and get ready to move. Where to, we weren’t sure, but we had to get out of there.

Turns out this Uber rich couple had a massive basement akin to a mall, and they had a lego store and I guess we were meant to hide in the Lego store warehouse. At this point there’s been constant tension between me (Boomer) and my love interest, just like knowing that we don’t want to get separated, and in general that we don’t want to cede to the power of ninja white walkers.

At this point I woke up, but I imagined that there was a giant Lego globe, possibly unfinished, in which our group hid whilst a few others, including our leader/my love interest would go confront the ninja white walkers. I insisted on joining cause I didn’t want to  leave my love and it was all sort of Matrix style. We were seemingly doomed but then we somehow miraculously, through the power of the human spirit, persevered. If not the human spirit than at least sneaky as shit trickery.

So that didn’t do justice to the actual dream I don’t think, but again, this is 12 hours later. And 3 Bud Light Lime’s down.

So without any proper conclusion:

Lator Gatorz.


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