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I’m In Love With Lady Mary

on March 13, 2012

I’m not really in love with Lady Mary of Downton Abbey. While I’m a fan of the show and have come to like the character of Lady Mary very much, I am most certainly not in love with her. I am however in love with Anna and Daisy and Gwen. And I think in a very homely kind of way High Bonneville (Lord Grantham) is very dreamy. He just seems like the sweetheart that he is in the show. I digress.

I dreamt that I was living in a college-like building and me and some of my friends went downstairs to do something. It’s been many hours since I had this dream so my memories of it have faded significantly. As a point of interest, earlier in the night I had a dream that I thought would be worthwhile to remember and write down and I thought I had remembered it until I had this dream involving Lady Mary. So that’s unfortunate but just the way it goes I guess. So we went downstairs and we were meeting up with somebody for some reason and the characters in the dream sort of shifted to fictional characters, and one of my friends shifted into Lady Mary, but it was still modern times, but saving face for the family as if  it were 1920 was still important.

We were making some sort of trade with this person and I guess he proceeded to try and get away with stealing from us? I guess he was trying to get a set of keys. Or NO, we were trading him something in order to get our set of keys back. We gave him what he wanted and then he briskly walked away with our keys. My normal, real life reaction probably would have been to stand there bewildered at his dishonesty, but for one reason or another I felt like I had to impress Lady Mary and our other mutual friend there and I immediately chased him into the parking lot to get my G.D. keys back. AND I DID so BOO YAAA.

I returned to the building, and half of the first floor had turned into a bar scene and Lady Mary and our other friend were waiting for me to bring honor and victory back to the group. I was supposed to be the hero and when I returned the set of keys to her she was eternally grateful and at that point the dream had been shifting toward our budding romance and that was the heroic moment in which our destiny was sealed. The dream continued and we continued to flirt, but then then somehow it ended with my looking at random dream versions of my childhood memories regarding my hockey career. Whaaaaaatttttt?? I don’t know how or why it went there, but it did, and so it was a somewhat disappointing ending to the dream.

The funny part of the whole thing was that after the dream was over, and to be honest, I kind of ended it myself because I was tired to looking through dream-version memories, I woke up, turned over, looked at the clock, and it was 11:01am. No fucking joke. I think I went to sleep at about 2:45am, which to be fair it quite late, but I usually wake up anywhere between 9am and 10:30am and can’t physically force myself to sleep any longer, but today I woke up, straight out of a dream, at 11:01am SHARP, and got out of bed about 5 minutes later, which is also fairly rare. Usually I lay in bed for at least 15 minutes after waking up.

Ahhhh the beauties of being unemployed/not working the morning/not having to be anywhere or look completely put together. =)

P.s. I’m a few glasses of wine down so I’m really hoping this post makes sense.


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