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Suburgatory Incest?

on February 27, 2012

Last night I had a very interesting romantic dream. It was very much PG rated, but the twist was that my protagonists were the father/daughter duo from the ABC show Suburgatory. Except they weren’t father/daughter in this dream. In real life some people have said that the two actors have weird sexual chemistry for a father/daughter duo, and I would tend to agree, though I don’t actually think it’s as pronounced as some people make it out to be.

Anyway, so these were my two leads and it definitely was a love story about an older man and a younger woman. Like a 40 year old and a 22 year old. The dream was primarily from the older guys perspective, but I will say that I identified with the younger woman. I’ve never been attracted to a man that much older than me, but still, it kind of opened up the possibility to me in a way. I felt like I appreciated the emotions at play, regardless of the taboo.

So I can’t remember if the guy was married or not, but there was some sort of gathering at which he and the girl were both at. Said gathering had ended  and/or moved on, and he very clearly felt attracted to her. She noticed his attention and wasn’t sure what to make of it but wasn’t totally averse to it. She had left her coat on a chair and he grabbed it for her and it was a subtle romantic gesture.

Skip ahead a bit and there was an activity that the group did where the guy and the girl were paired together. It was like a roller coaster ride or something random like that. That is when they sort of became friends, and began their attraction courtship.

Skip ahead even more, to the evening, and the group os doing yet another activity. This time the guy has decided he’s done for the night so he’s gone to his hotel room to watch tv and go to bed. The girl has gone to the activity but eventually decides it’s not for her and she’d rather hang out with her new friend. So she puts on her PJs and grabs a pillow and heads over to the guys room. It’s not like she’s walking in there with expectations of sexy times. On the contrary it’s more akin to the movie Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. They simply get along and enjoy spending time together. She’s just looking for someone to hang out with who’s she’s actually interested in hanging out with.

So that’s basically when the dream ended. I think I dreamt earlier that they almost kissed, like they just barely started leaning in toward one another but then were interrupted by someone giving them instructions on their next activity. Whatever this activity program is… what a let down, am I right? Haha. Since it ended and I enjoyed it, I continued it in my head and decided that they had a good time watching bad tv and rimming each other and their corny movie tastes. Then they fall asleep, at first very much on opposite sides of the bed, then they pull a Chuck & Sarah and wake up in the morning wrapped around one another. Nothing has happened, but they are clearly very much at ease with one another. And from there the rest is dream history.

They lived happily ever after. =) Even though they had a 20 year age difference. They were just meant for each other *swoon*.

So I appreciated the dream for its addressing a societal taboo, and realized I could appreciate two people falling in love because they are very simply a perfect match, what is considered “the norm” aside.


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