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on February 11, 2012

I don’t really have anything to say. I’ve been pretty uninspired this month I guess. February’s too short to think!

I’ve been re-watching Dollhouse, created by Joss Whedon and starring Eliza Dushku. I liked the first season for sure, but I’m two episodes into the second season and I already sort of remember why I disliked the second season. I actually have a lot of trouble putting it into words why I disliked it, but if I’m trying, I’ll say it’s because the story gets into a lot more mythology. Getting into mythology of a show is not a bad thing, and I am definitely not averse to it, but it seems rather disjointed. Things have moved forward too quickly, and confusingly so.

I would imagine it was expensive to shoot and it sounds like, based on the DVD special features, that they always felt like they were on the creative chopping block. Perhaps there was a lot of interference from the network preventing Joss and the Gang from exploring the characters and concept how he wanted. But it felt like the in second season they’d gotten a vote of confidence by being picked up for season 2 and I think they went too far. The show went suddenly from episodic with traces of mythology, to FULL ON IN YOUR FACE MYTHOLOGY and that’s probably what got it cancelled. I understand the desire to move the plot forward, both for your own curiosity and for the dedicated viewers, but I really think it worked to their disadvantage. There’s nothing wrong with a slow burn serial, and if the network execs are gonna be a bunch of dabblers and you’re gonna submit to their general ineptitude the outcome will be inevitable.

This all makes me curious how Fringe has stayed on the air so long, and during the same time Dollhouse was on. It must have gotten higher ratings at the time, but Fringe is just as serial as Dollhouse, I must just execute it better. The Fringe writers are probably a little more executive/network friendly. Joss Whedon is in his own little world and you have to just have faith in his madness/genius. Joss Whedon needs to get on Syfy or something. Seriously. I would probably die if Firefly was somehow resurrected. Of course it’s never going to happen, but wouldn’t you just DIE?! Just imagining watching new episodes of Firefly sends shivers down my spine and raises my adrenaline.

I digress.

Turns out I did have something to share. =)


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