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Rivers and Roads (The Chuck Finale)

on February 4, 2012

I would like to share a few *~feelings~* about the Chuck series finale that aired a week ago.

First off, I haven’t watched Chuck religiously this past season because, let’s be honest, it isn’t the best tv show out there. It has gotten increasingly hammy and predictable. That being said, it still holds a part of my  heart. The characters are so god damn lovable and relatable. And it doesn’t hurt that the show has one of the greatest couples of all TV time.

Now, you might think that’s an awfully lofty thing to say but I have it on good authority from the writers of the show (via entertainment journalists, of course, I’m not tight with the Chuck writers) that during Chuck’s run, fans pulled a Bieber, though they technically preceded Bieber, and got extremely upset whenver they would tear Chuck and Sarah apart. I’m not the type to threaten to slit people’s throats in the middle of the night if two fictional characters they write about don’t end up together, but the movement, if it can be called as much, was clearly connecting very deeply with these two characters. I think it’s a real kudos to the chemistry between the actors, and the producers for having had the sense to cast them together. While Chuck isn’t the highest quality production on the planet, the lead character had more natural chemistry than real people have. And I mean real chemistry. I don’t mean just screen chemistry, I mean I can imagine then dating in real life and secretly hope such a thing will come to pass one day, perhaps it has already come and gone in secret, but I feel very confident in saying that Chuck and Sarah are one epic TV couple. I there were  a top, say, 20 list of most convincing TV couples, they should surely rank highly.

And that chemistry is what gives the Chuck series such gravitas and heart ache and warmth and despair and happiness and whimsy. It was INGENIOUS for the writers to focus the finale on Chuck and Sarah’s relationship because it has been what has kept the show going as long it has. People want to see Chuck and Sarah live happily ever after. It was further genius to tear them apart at the very end and have her almost kill Chuck multiple times but then come back from total distrust and suspicion to her good natured, intelligent self realizing that maybe these people aren’t so bad after all, even though she doesn’t remember who they are. (Was that a run-on sentence or what?)

That twist left the door open to recall some of the sweetest moments between Chuck and Sarah over the years. I can’t really name any at the moment except that the montage in the final scene on the beach is just that. Sarah’s mission logs… I wonder if she kept those logs after she Chuck were legitimately together. That would be a little bizarre, though surely not all her logs were about Chuck, at least not in the “here are my *~feelings~* about Chuck today” sense. Anywho, Sarah being told, by her self, that she once loved Chuck is a classic plot device, a la 50 First Dates, but it works so well. Yvonne Strahovski has never been better than in her final scenes.

Speaking of performances, I though Chuck was so pathetic and sappy… I know I’d be hated for saying that publicly so sorry to all my followers out there 😉 who love Chuck, but he is kind of an ugly crier… and I got a little tired of him telling her how much he loved her and blah blah blah. I was like I GET IT.

OK, but, OK!. The final beach scene! Not only is the beach incredibly beautiful and romantic but Sarah looked gorgeous and natural and Chuck looked verrryyyy handsome. Thank god he cut his hair all those season ago. The shag had long lost its luster with me, and society really. And Sarah was clearly vaguely remembering places and names, without context, but she understood their importance, and that was enough for me to be satisfied. I didn’t necessarily need her memory to return, though it is bittersweet that it apparently did not, but I actually think it opened a door to dream, if you will indulge my corny saying. I mean, clearly they are meant to be together. Anybody watching this show who thinks Chuck and Sarah wouldn’t end up together is a fool. In my opinion, the final scene quite clearly suggested that while Sarah didn’t get her memory back (because magic doesn’t exist in the Chuck world, ok? It’s not called Chuck Disney), she wanted it back, and she was perfectly willing to let herself fall in love with this man who was for all intents and purposes a stranger. Chuck and Sarah get to make new memories together, and Sarah will undoubtedly dig up snap shots of their past together over time, but it’s far more romantic for me to imagine that Chuck tries to recreate some of those magic moments for Sarah, both to try and jog her memory and also to make new ones.

Ok, enough about that, I think I’ve gone way off my train of thought. What’s new?

The SONG that played at the end though?! BRILLIANCE!! Rivers and Roads by The Head and The Heart – what a gorgeous song. And it kind of mirrors that uncertainty of the ending (though I’m certain of what happens). I don’t speak music, but it’s just beautiful, and it’s like:

Rivers and Roads

Rivers and Roads

Rivers til I meet you.

The words hadn’t struck me particularly while I watched the scene it played behind, but my mom, who is arguably less attached to the show as I am, immediately caught onto the words and found them rather poignant. And now, upon listening to the song on repeat whilst writing this post, I totally agree. It is endlessly hummable and harmonizable, and it builds up throughout the song, both in number of voices and in instrumental intensity (see? I don’t speak music), and by the end you’re inspired to love the person you love. You’re inspired to cross rivers and travel down endless roads to reach your one true love, just like Chuck is willing to do whatever it takes to get back to Sarah, so to speak. It’s like he physically can’t stop himself from being with her.

Actually, that sentiment kind of reminds me of the movie Like Crazy. Accept that movie has a less than happy ending where they realize time and distance has gradually torn them apart. But still, it’s that feeling early on where you are so in love with someone that you don’t want to be separated, and when you’re wrenched apart unexpectedly, after you’ve faced that initial shock and breakdown, you sort of submit yourself to the long haul. And that’s how I see Chuck and Sarah. Sarah may have lost her memories but Chuck will do basically whatever it takes to win her over again, because at this point he can’t be with anyone else. And luckily, Sarah decides that maybe these snap shots in her head that seem important really are real and are meaningful and that’s something worth  falling for.

Ok, I think that’s enough mish-mashed feelings. GEH. So many *~*~feelings~*~*. The love story I’ve always wanted to write, and am still working on, but am not there yet. *sigh*


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