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The Late Mrs. Bates

on January 20, 2012

OK OK Ok Ok ok ok okay…

So I’ve spotted the actress who plays Mrs. Bates (Maria Doyle Kennedy) on Downton Abbey in/on at least two other works. And I must admit, considering how emotionally invested I am in Downton Abbey, I have a lot of trouble disassociating the actress with her evil Downton character.

Example #1: Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, has penned and produced a miniseries about the sinking of the Titanic. A picture published in Entertainment Weekly inculded “Mrs. Bates,” leading me to dream that the character Mrs. Bates drowned on the Titanic along with Patrick, the heir of Grantham (though obviously these are completely different characters). Oh, wouldn’t everyone’s lives be so much easier had Mrs. Bates died on the Titanic?? Anna and Mr. Bates could have lived happily ever after far sooner.

Example #2: I am literally 3 minutes into Albert Nobbs, Glenn Close’s Oscar nominated film/role, and upon realizing the same actress is playing a house maid (ooooh, I feel like I know so much about rich Brits!), I immediately laughed maliciously for her low station in life (though Anna and Mr. Bates’ respective stations are no higher on Downton Abbey), and wished her the worst of character development.

Example #3: Upon IMDB-ing Maria Doyle Kennedy – SHE WAS DEXTER’S FUCKING NANNY FOR A FEW EPISODES!! That’s where I know her from. It’s such a shame. She was such a nice, even a perfect nanny, for Dexter’s son… and now she’s gone over to the dark side of period pieces. *shaking my head*

This is what Downton Abbey had done to me. Pitted me against talented actresses.



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