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The Wheels On The Bus On The Beach

on January 19, 2012

That sounds like a Bones episode title, no?

Anywho, I had an interesting dream last night. Well, not interesting per say, but just with a slightly different angle than usual. Well, maybe not that either, maybe it’s totally on par with most of my dream, but whatever. It felt a little different than usual to me.

So it sort of morphed from the house here in Centennial to the Cabin, to a large HF suite to a rented beach house, and thusly, beach location. Then I think it was probably a family owned beach house but whatever, details are not terribly significant. We were walking around the hallway and checking out our beach suite and it was cool. This concept probably comes from looking for houses for pond hockey tourney in February.

Nothing particularly exciting was happening. I had a girlfriend. Like legit lesbian-style. It was all cool though, we just hung out with my fam and had a good time. Skip ahead a short period of time and we boarded a school bus/city bus/train. And everyone would probably have to be sharing seats, and instead of finding my own seat I decided to hunker down with my now ex-girlfriend. Or at least we’d grown apart somehow, IDK. But then she was telling me about how she was having a 30th birthday party with some of her friends and I was like oh, that’s cool. I wasn’t necessarily poking around for an invitation, but I was trying to play it cool and not be sad that only a short time ago I would have attended her 30th birthday party.

It was a mutual break up, though basically initiated by her. So there were still some unresolved feelings, you might say. Inconsistencies in my understanding of why she wanted to break up. And I didn’t hate her for it, but right as I was waking up my dream self did start to think about bringing up that she liked my family and my friends a lot. Her parents were either dead or just not around and generally unsupportive, so she seemed to sort of develop a parent/daughter relationship with my parents to help fill the void. It was kind of sweet actually. She really seemed to fit in comfortably with my family’s and my crowd, to the point where I felt like she was cutting herself off from a good thing in her life. And there wasn’t any real big dramatic catalyst for us to break up, so neither should there be any big catalyst for us to get back together, but I just felt really strongly that everyone would be better for her being in our lives.

Maybe there was a hint of us not thinking we were lesbians and then sort of being in denial about it and trying to act like we didn’t really like each other that way. Well, that kind of thing isn’t usually what I worry about in my dreams, whether I’m a girl or a guy, straight or gay, cause in the end it’s the interpretation of the dream that is more important than the specific aspects of the people, places, and things that appear. Those are usually pulled from memories anyway, and could be an amalgamation of a multitude of memories.

So that’s it. I just thought the interaction and underlying feelings on the bus were interesting. Very subtle and not overly dramatic. I only wish I’d not woken up, just to see where the conversation went. Even if it went nowhere. It almost feels like my subconscious giving me a life lesson about relationships! Hahaha.


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