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Personality Analysis (At The National Stock Show)

on January 19, 2012

I’ve done one of these before, but they are always kind of interesting. They’re basically a twist on a horoscope. So I’m going to analyze my analysis. Say if I think they are spot on, if they need an addendum, or if they couldn’t be further from the truth (or at least my perception of it!!).

“You let wishful thinking take place of thorough investigation.” –> This sentence doesn’t make complete sense to me. I wouldn’t say I submit to “wishful thinking” per say, and thorough investigation is very broad.

“You are popular and always have many friends.” –> Of course my insecure self doesn’t think this, and while I’d agree that I have a wide variety of friends, I fear that I don’t have enough close friends.

“You would do well in your own business.” –> A palm reader in high school told me I’d go into business. I’m coming around the idea I guess, but it’s just something I’ve never really thought about for myself. Then again, a business can take on many forms, more than I probably conceptualized as an 18 year-old.

“People never know for certain what you are going to do next.” –> I’m not totally unpredictable, but I suppose I can zig when others think I might zag.

“You have a tendency to lose interest rather quickly.” –> I don’t think so, that feels rude to me. I would flip it around and say I have a tendency to become very interested very quickly.

“People find you honest, conscientious, and trustworthy.” –> I like to think so.

“You have a strong desire to stay young.” –> Well I’m only 24 years old, but I do desire to stay young at heart for sure.

“You are open minded and adaptable to most situations.” –> Rather than open-minded I’d say I’m just not close-minded. I’m not a hippie who will try anything and everything, but I’ll adapt to the situation I’m in, for sure.

“You have a deep respect for human dignity and cannot abide injustice.” –> Respect for human dignity, YES, “cannot abide justice”… I’m not really sure I’m as proactive as that might suggest.

“If you are pushed too far, you do blow up.” –> It takes A LOT to make me truly angry, and the anger subsides as quickly as it came on.

“Your wits are sharp, and you generally remain calm and forceful under stress.” –> This is like two different statements in one sentence… I like to think I’m witty, if my execution doesn’t always show it. I do generally remain calm under stress, but forcefully? I honestly am not sure how that manifests… forcefully?

“You have a tremendous capacity for endurance.” –> Was this just because I have a long signature? I like to spell out my whole name???? There are a lot of forms of endurance, what type they are referring to I’m not sure, but physical endurance – running for miles and miles – is one type of endurance I do not have. Haha.

Then they give a description of my astrological sign, Aries. I’ll give you a few excerpts:

“Being first is what turns them on. They plunge in and prepare for victory while others dilly-dally in the thinking stage.” –> Um, not really. Maybe when I was a kid. Such a trait can be somewhat unattractive to me.

“They accomplish so much in so little time, it is understandable why these people are so impatient.” –> I feel like most of the time I’m very patient. When I’m the most impatient is probably when I think/know I’m right, and think I know the right/fastest way of doing something.

“They have fiery tempers that burn out as quickly as they fire up. Once Aries has blown his top, he’s forgotten about it, and rarely holds a grudge.” –> Absolutely. Though luckily I get truly angry hardly ever. The thing about my anger is that I can generally put it in perspective rather quickly, and that’s probably the quick burn out. I can fairly quickly realize I’m being ridiculous and begin to let it go (though I’ll never forgive Emily for breaking our science experiment and then ditching us!! She-devil!!)

“They are impulsive and not the best judge of character.” –> I suppose I can be impulsive, but I think I’m actually a pretty good judge of character. Though to be fair I read guys a little better than girls. Guys are just more straight forward. With most girls you have to dig in and figure things out before deciding if they’re a good egg or not. Also, I believe everybody is fundamentally good, so I start from there and if I notice any issues I build a mental case file to be built upon over time.

“Generosity, love to share their ideas, visions and toys with select friends.” –> Toys is not the right word, but select friends is appropriate. I am somewhat guarded as to how much I share about myself with others I don’t know well yet.

“Aries are very giving and loving in a relationship but won’t tolerate being neglected or ignored. They are not huggy and snuggly parents as parents but they will joyfully take their kids fly fishing or play a gam of catch.” –> Though this seems titled toward a male, it actually perfectly fits me. It makes me kind of sad that I’m not a more “huggy or snuggly” person, but as long as I make good emotional connections that should be enough. And I’ve only ever been in one relationship, so it’s hard to say exactly how I am in one.

“Aries in The New Millenium” –> You can tell how old this trick is when they are still referring to The New Millennium.

That’s it. Lot’s of caveats to these statements. I’m most intrigued by the business related comments because I’ve never thought of myself as a businesswoman, but more than one form of shoddy fortune telling has brought it up, so who knows!


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