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Dual Follow-Up (Spoiler post for CWS)

on January 19, 2012

So I was just thinking about that dream I had last night that I posted about earlier and how it might possibly apply to my Civil War Story (CWS). All you readers out there don’t even know it yet, but **SPOILER ALERT** Peter and Kate get together in the end.

So here’s what I’m thinking: That idea that two people are so well suited for one another, and even though they try to stay apart for no good reason, there is an equally no good reason for them to stay that way. Kate’s hesitance comes from her husband leaving her. If she protects herself she can get by just fine. If she were to open herself up to someone and let down her guard, she could get hurt all over again and she doesn’t want that.

Peter is a little more clueless on the matter of love. He’s sort of a stereotypical guy who doesn’t realize until the last minute that maybe his feelings are romantic in nature, rather than just friendly. They have a brief, maybe, day of happiness, imagining themselves being together, but then Peter heads off to war, not unlike Kate’s husband. Ohhhhhhhhh brother this does not sit well with Kate. History has repeated itself in her eyes. So she disengages from the relationship. She isn’t so much mad at Peter, though she admittedly peeved, but the way she sees it, she’s protecting herself. She made a mistake but it’s not irreversible, so detach now and forever hold your piece.

So when Peter comes back from the war, finally, he basically is ready to get back together. He does realize Kate’s thought process and that she’s just trying to protect herself, but he also feels like that’s not a good enough reason to not be together. He admits to his folly, but he doesn’t apologize for it. And when two people are so at ease with one another, as they are, and the only reason they are not together is because they don’t want to get hurt, why, that’s no reason at all. Everyone would be so much happier if they just submitted to themselves.

“Do you really, honestly, believe that I would abandon you?” Peter might ask Kate. Admittedly, perhaps not, she thinks. And despite herself she wants to be with Peter. She can’t think of a good reason not to be with him. Rationally speaking, she says it’s because she doesn’t want to get hurt again, but she and Peter are like magnets. Even after he returns and the war is over and they try to remain acquaintances they somehow always end up in the same place at the same time. And they have a good time.

So yeah. Isn’t it kind of lovely? Nothing like another dream to help put a long-developing story into perspective and add some depth and understanding to character motivations.



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