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on January 17, 2012

Last night’s dream went very much like I imagine The Walking Dead is like, though I’ve never seen a whole episode of that show.

Out of nowhere a zombie epidemic spread, starting at a hair salon that I was at, or at least that’s where the first zombie I saw came from. So I ran home and people ere turning into zombies, and there was a small group of local survivors and we were hiding out in a large school or something. Actually, it was probably something like the Lifetime Fitness here in Centennial, which is fucking HUGE. And I had been there on Saturday so that’s a legitimate memory that could have inserted itself into my dreams.

The zombies weren’t completely stupid, and we were relatively secure where we were at even though the zombies basically knew we were there. Near the end they gave us a reprieve. They were like we won’t attack you for 3 days or something random like that. Like they were trying to draw us out or something. I don’t get it either. Intelligent zombies?? What is this, the Borg??

But so amongst us survivors I guess we thought it would be a good idea to procreate?? Yeah, this is the weird ass place my mind goes when I’m dreaming about sentient zombies. And it makes perfect sense to get a bunch of women pregnant with 3 days off from zombie attacks right? Cause then you’ll just have a bunch of pregnant and vulnerable women in 5 months or so. Then after that, their children. WHATEVER…

Someone was randomly pairing people up, I had one good girlfriend, and we were sort of hoping we’d get good matches. I was not happy with my match. He was kind of douchey. Maybe akin to Schmidt on New Girl. He was like yeah, let’s do this! That’s basically when I woke up and was like even though I’m vaguely interested in seeing where this going, it’s already been a very long and taxing dream. And so I altered the ending to turn into romance. So the guy I’m paired up turns out not to be too douchey and actually quite respectful. The first night we don’t even talk to each other. Then the second and third nights we talk. Then after that we spoon and get used to sleeping next to another person. It’s a small emotional win, like there’s security in knowing that other person is there and they have your back should anything suddenly happen.

There’s one instance where one of us goes and stays somewhere else after an important meeting and that’s kind of the catalyst for admitting our feelings for one another. And then eventually, of course, we fall in love and blah blah blah that’s basically the end of the story. I guess we survive and kill all the zombies or something. And live happily ever. HAHA, my stories always end like that. Pretty lame, but as I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for romance. And bad romance in my head is way better than bad romance in actual TV shows and movies.


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