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A Love Letter To Downton Abbey

on January 3, 2012

Dearest Residents of Downton Abbey,

You have bewitched me body and soul. That’s a quote from Pride & Prejudice (2005), spoken by Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth Bennett. And in this case it is entirely applicable.

Where should I begin? Probably the fact that you are both hilarious and heartfelt simultaneously, that even as I hate the villians, I sympathize with them. I do find it ironic your worst actors are you romantics leads (Mary and Matthew) but they are still better than many other similar productions.

Daisy is so sweet and neurotic and naive. William is… well, poor, poor, William. You’ll figure it out soon enough. Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson – you are the work-husband and work-wife in the hardest core of senses. And you are fabulous. Lady Cora, you American minx, you! Maggie Smith – I’m not sure what you’re character’s name is beside Granny and Lady Grantham, but you are at the top of your game.

Don’t even get me started on Anna and Mr. Bates. Most definitely my favorite pair of players in the whole series. Mrs. Patmore comes in a close second after her gut wrenching and yet comical journey getting her eyes fixed. But back to Anna and Mr. Bates. Anna is as cute as a button and Mr. Bates could not be more dreamy. I’m not saying I’d go for a man in his 40s/50s, but seriously, he’s like Prince Charming. A tragic past and now turning his life around and finding the love of his life in a Head Ladies Maid.

Oh! I forgot about Gwen! Getting a secretary job! I fear that means she won’t be back, but I am also glad for her that she’s moving on up! I’ll miss her ginger hair and raspy voice and belief in her ability to improve her station in life. It may be a cliche, but she’s kind of inspirational.

Even though Edith is a bitch I still really want her to find a husband and I’m really pissed that Mary sabotaged her happiness with that old guy. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Edith deserved it, but I certainly don’t blame Mary. Poor Edith is considered the ugly runt of the family and in those days, when marrying and leaving the house was your young life’s ambition, and failing to do so resulted in family and personal shame at that level of society, Edith really could just use some lovin’. She deserves someone who isn’t going to tell her she’s not good enough.

Sybil is young and rambunctious. I got spoiled that she goes off with Branson but that’s really no surprise. If I could divine a future for her I’d say she definitely makes it to America and does something special there. After all, her mother is American, so some of that spirit seems to reside in Sybil.

Mary is gorgeous but indeed bound by her station. Thus far you have tried to make her seem more strong willed than I think she is. For all the time she spends whining about her social binds and duties, she goes along with them. Sybil is actually taking action. Mary is whining and accepting. So, yeah, she’s absolutely gorgeous, that actress was meant to play a character of this time period, but her character overall leaves me wanting.

Matthew is… fine. He neither impresses me nor lets me down. He’s a pretty plain character.

Oh, and did I mention yet the wonderful Lord Grantham? While he’s not a character that sticks out particularly in my mind, he quite literally runs the show. His persona dictates that of the rest of the house and I suspect it is under-appreciated by viewers all that he does behind the fictional scenes.

Thomas is a dick, but he’s also gay and that’s a hard thing to be. O’Brien is not quite a bitch. She almost is, but then you realize how much she cares about her job. She’s secretly a softy.

Well, I think I’ve pretty much hit everybody.

If you were to ask for my hand in marriage I would wed you Downton Abbey. If such a thing were possible. I wouldn’t be so idiotic as Mary (nor hopefully as unfortunate as Edith).

I look forward to watching season 2 and, not having my mind blown, exactly, but being, simply put, entertained.

Yours truly,

Lady Caroline


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