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Like Crazy

on January 1, 2012

See the movie Like Crazy.

You know that feeling in a movie when your stomach drops? The two main characters are meant to be together but for whatever reason they are not or you know they never will be?  Some people might call it butterflies.

Over time I’ve felt that sensation less often, as if I’m becoming desensitized to it (I watch a fair amount of movies). In order for butterflies to spontaneously manifest inside my stomach the angst level in a given romance must be significant and Like Crazy hits, and even surpasses, the mark.

When did I know I was hopelessly lost/invested in this relationship? When Anna and Jacob finally get each other on the phone and Anna says goodnight because she has to get up for work in the morning, but then 5 seconds later she calls him back and asks him to come to England because she (and he) have realized how pointless it is to deny the fact that they are still very much in love and they and they want nothing more than to be together.

Although it didn’t make my stomach drop, I always knew throughout the movie that it couldn’t just end with them living happily ever after. And *SPOILER ALERT* they don’t. In the end, when Anna is finally allowed to the return to the U.S., she and Jacob stumble upon the realization that their whirlwind romance has ended. Through the passage of time; from the experience of being with other people; they have simply grown apart. The audience is left to imagine what would have happened had Anna not violated her original student visa. Would their love have persevered three months until her return? I think so. It appeared to last for years anyway, even after falling in love with other people.

I suppose I was certain it was all going to go downhill when they got married. It was too quick and too easy and the film was by no means over. It was too good to be true, and there was always a hint of it not working out, always a thread of “these people are too young to be making these decisions about their futures.”

So as soon as she violated her visa the nails were in the coffin. Whether personally experienced or not, everyone knows long distance relationships are hard, and considering the obstacles they faced seeing one another, it was inevitable they would get tired of the yo-yo-ing (as Anna mentions at one point).

Jennifer Lawrence kind of stole the scenes she was in, BTW. It could just be me being excited for The Hunger Games, but when Jacob breaks up with her and she cries… UGH. It didn’t necessarily make my stomach drop (and I don’t think it was meant to as Anna was the one we were meant to feel most sympathetic for), but I felt for her.

Long story short, it’s one of the best romantic dramas I’ve seen in a long time, if ever. Anton Yelchin is very good, but Felicity Jones really carries the emotional weight of the film. Perhaps I can identify with her because I am also a woman, and Anton Yelchin was simply genius in his subtlety, but the critics are right when they call Felicity Jones the break out star.

The unfortunate thing about seeing this movie: my butterfly tolerance has increased significantly. I’m going to watch it again tonight and see if I get any of the butterflies I got the first go-round, but I fear it won’t be nearly so much, if at all. Smiling and laughing at funny and sweet movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love comes easily every time. It’s not nearly as easy to feel gut wrenchingly sad and depressed every time.

Go see Like Crazy.

P.S. That fucking chair. Breaks my heart and makes it sing all at the same time.

P.P.S. This movie would be well worth an Adele song.


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