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That’s Where I Want To Be

on December 10, 2011

Sometimes these little sayings/quotes pop into my head that I think one day might inspire a story, or at least might be incorporated into a current story so here’s one:

Quote: When I see you laughing and having fun, that’s where I want to be.

Context: This was inspired by The Office. Andy and Erin. 2011 Christmas episode. Turns out Andy is mostly worried that Erin is getting drunk, but my first thought was of two people who have previously liked each other, or know that they sort of have this ongoing Ross & Rachel dynamic, and either one person is thinking this, or has the balls to actually say it. And it’s not just about enjoying being around a person who is fun in a platonic kind of way. It’s about no matter who else you are with, no matter how interesting or fun or familiar they might be, when this one particular person lights up in all their brilliance you can’t help but be pulled toward them. And it’s not even relegated just to having fun, but all facets of the human condition. When they are sad you want to be there for them. When they are angry, you want to support them (albeit in a non-aggressive or destructive way). When they are experiencing life, you want to experience it with them, come what may.


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