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Flirting School & BSG

on December 8, 2011

I had a series of dreams last night that were interesting. 3 to be specific. The first took place at a… seminar, I guess you’d call it, for dating/flirting. It was in a city apartment and my old friend from elementary school Kristen was there. I don’t know if we attended together or if it was a pleasant surprise that we were both there, but either way, things got slightly awkward pretty quickly. I guess we were practicing flirting or something? And suddenly I was getting these vibes from Kristen that were legit. I largely managed to brush it off, but then, as an aside, as we were leaving, and everyone was feeling confident about their flirting skillz (this is such a weird dream, no?), Kristen decided that even though I was making it clear I wasn’t interested, she bent me over backwards and kissed me smack on the mouth, leaving me flabbergasted, and she just walked away, delighted in her confidence. Ok, so we must have attended together cause that would have made for long term awkwardness, but it was just like WHOA, that was so awkward and strange, but maybe let’s just pretend it didn’t happen and move on with our lives.

The second part is related to that and I don’t have any story for this part cause all I can really remember is being a judge of some kind, and Kristen way rallying for LGBT rights or something, and I passed the bill; whatever bill had come across my bench. And she was like BOO YA! YES! And we felt good that together we could turn this important bill into law, despite any previous awkwardness.

Third part is not related to the first two and it was more complicated that I can really remember. I do remember at one point the town we were in was being attacked by aliens or BSG-style bad guys. Two of my dogs were injured or something, but they were like shriveled, so I lay them out to dry on the floor in the office, hoping they would expand like those little foam capsules that disintegrate and them expand in water to make dinosaurs and what not. And eventually they did, I guess, and so I hugged them close because I was so happy to see them alive and full sized.

The last bit of that third part was much more complex than I even realized during the dream, but Chief Tyrol, from BSG, has some piece of cylon equipment and he couldn’t really figure out to use it, but then Boomer came along and it hooked up to her in a really cool sneaky way, and everybody, including myself, was like HOLY SHIT!! YOU JUST UNLOCKED THE KEY TO WORKING THIS CYLON DEVICE! And that’s basically when I woke up.

So an interesting night overall. Awkward, weird, strange, bizarre, sad, scary, and then totally awesome. Who needs real life experiences when you can feel all these emotions in one night?


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