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Love, Actually

on November 27, 2011

Can I just take a moment to say…

Love, Actually is a FUCKING GOOD MOVIE.

It basically wraps up in a neat little pile everything I wish my dreams to be. Funny, cute, bittersweet, romantic, sometimes sad, but ultimately uplifting and emotional. It doesn’t really have the action sequences that sometimes I enjoy, but even without those Love, Actually never fails to move me.

Speaking of action movies with romantic subplots, I watched In Time today, with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried and while it had it’s issues which I won’t get into there, it was ultimately a very interesting concept and had good action elements. It lacked some cinematic creativity and a distinct visual style to go along with it’s sci-fi original concept (Inception has spoiled me in this regard) but overall I found it entertaining. It’s another case of the quality of the actors saving the otherwise less than impressive cinematic elements.

[It was also shitty video quality so who’s the say I wouldn’t feel differently had I seen this in the theater or in proper DVD quality?]

I digress. Love, Actually¬†expresses just about all the emotion I desire in my dreams and stories. And adding in action sequences effectively, and in support of the romantic plot line, but not focusing on it – that’s even more ideal.


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