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The Beach and Anna Torv

on November 25, 2011

I had a good dream last night!

I suppose it all technically started with coaching a high school softball team and agonizing over who to cut and who to keep with my fellow coaches. The only real reason I mention this is because there is a sneaky reference back to this softball team at the very end of the dream.

Eventually the dream transitioned to finding a beach house to stay at for a frisbee tournament. We looked through one that was nice and had lots of sleeping space. I had a possibly sort of thing going on with one of the other players but it was all at the beginning flirty stages.

We looked at about 3 beach houses that were all very big, some were dirtier than others, and so the decision was to go back to the original white beach house we had looked at. HOWEVER, in the time it took to look through all these beach houses a significant amount of time had passed (Time warp!), let’s say a year, and not everybody was there anymore, including my crush. ūüė¶ So while I was still looking around at all their beach houses (they ¬†had more than 3 turns out) I also had it in my head to find my crush cause I knew they were still around somewhere. So eventually I asked the land lady if she knew where my crush was and she was like oh yeah they own that white beach house up there and its not a beach cafe called, like, Rickey Lichey or something. It made perfect sense in my dream, but I don’t really understand the name NOW because I think their name was like Ko’ohou or something vaguely Hawaiin.

So I went up there and they’re married, or perhaps just engaged, and for me it’s like WHOA rush of emotions and I can kind of tell they are having the same reaction but just hiding it better in front of their fianc√©.

Then for some reason I decide to go looking for a house with them. They want to buy a house and I guess I’m invited. Maybe I’m looking for a house to? So I can be close to my crush? But not to break them up¬†necessarily? I don’t know. We pass the frisbee fields and I’m insisting to our guide that if I did live in this house I would require a midnight to 7am noise curfew so I could sleep. And she is all up in arms about this like it’s ridiculous. Maybe that’s a reference to Housefellow anxiety or something.

Then we get to the house that my crush and their fianc√© want to look at and it’s a very nice house. Attached is another smaller house, so I guess it’s like a Papa Bear/ Baby bear duplex, where one is significantly bigger than the other. But here’s the call back reference!¬†Two of my old softball players are living in the smaller part and come out and see me and we all say Hey! to each other. How fun! I would say they resembled Mariah and Emily the most, of any of my real life softball charges.

That’s only a brief exchange and we continue to the Papa bear half of the house. It has dark, rich wood everywhere, very masculine. It is at this point that my crush turns into Anna Torv! And it’s probably safe to say I have a total girl crush on Anna Torv so her appearance here is fine by me. She starts acting all strange, almost doubtful that she wants to do this, and in my head I’m imaging she and I, not her and her fianc√©, living here and making it a home. I see that’s she’s freaking out so I try to be a friend and take her into a secluded room and talk it out with her.

At this point the dream ended, but I enjoyed it so much I continued it a bit, though admittedly not much. My brain is wired like a happy ending romantic comedy, so turns out she still carries a torch for me, or at least it has rekindled upon my arrival at the beach cafe. So though I didn’t really get this far in my head I know that we get back together, she apologetically dumps her fianc√©, and we live happily ever after at the beach house cafe, where we originally met/started to crush on one another.

Based on all the major stories I’ve created, one theme that seems to come up is long term torch-carrying. Peter and Kate, sort of, not really, but they knew each other at least; Ulysses being gone for 15 years; Hidden Twin liking Rebellion girl since elementary; and now me carrying a torch for Anna Torv and vice versa.

Maybe that’s why I love Adele’s Someone Like You so much (though technically that’s not a happy ending song).

[Note: I bet the setting of this dream was partially inspired by my favorite new show this season, Revenge. Who wouldn’t want to live on the beach after watching that show?]


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