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What a Bummer Dream

on November 23, 2011

I dreamt that I saw my Lady Camels on TV, and they subsequently lost the game, but I was excited to go to the Alumni game but when I got there nobody was particularly excited to see me. =( First of all, I didn’t have anywhere to stay yet (but my mom was staying in a hotel in town because she drove me????), and I didn’t want to stay with my mom.

So after I’d stealed myself to the idea that I wouldn’t know where I was sleeping until later in the day, I started walking around campus looking for friends who would now be seniors, and those that I did come across were totally blasé about it to the point of totally ignoring me. What the hell was I supposed to do all day without anybody to hang out with? WTF man?! What a bummer dream.


COMING UP: Pretty much all my dreams are interesting or weird or creative. So what is it that makes any particular dream stand out above the rest? As one worth writing down or remembering?


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