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on November 22, 2011

So ideally this will be a blog with little to no readers until I am ready for such a thing, which let’s face it, might not be ever. So most probably very similar to my twitter account where I very purposefully have only 3 followers. I couldn’t bring myself to block my 2 random friends that found me, nor my college, though I’m not really sure why I felt so bad about that.

Anywho, I’m gonna share with “you” (this is ironic considering the above paragraph) my wild and crazy dreams. Ok. Maybe they’re not all crazy. Maybe most of them I don’t care to remember because some are just ho hum and boring. But sometimes I’ll get some mad crazy stuff, or dreams that are really emotional, like in last night’s dream I totally got my heart broken, but I’ll get to that later.

I could tell you about some dream themes I’ve discovered over the years, themes that I’ve cycled in and out of, some that have persisted over time, but as this is an introduction, I’ll just say that I have a Dream Dictionary and am generally interested in/believe in dream interpretation.  So I may or may not have interpretations to offer of the dreams I share here. I may even censor/edit myself if I feel a certain aspect of a dream would bring judgment (from the thousands and thousands of readers I’m sure to gain… not). Cowardly, I know, but it’s my blog I do what I want.

As will hopefully soon be evidenced by my dreams that I will share, I have an active imagination. That, coupled with the fact I’m WRITING a blog about them, it should come as no surprise to all my adoring fans that after having a crazy, fun, or interesting dream, I am occasionally inspired to write a little fiction-y thing about them. I may continue the dream/add to the story, maybe in great depth, maybe not. Sometimes I’ll make a story of something and then realize it’s shit and let it dissipate into the dream ether, never to be considered again.

I have a few “famous-in-my-head” stories I’ve been working on that are based on dreams I had many years ago. The most significant one being my Civil War Story. No title yet, and there may never be one. But I’ve got variation upon variation of this story since I had the initial inspirational two dreams when I was around 16 years old. In the first dream I was on a farm and I wanted to marry this girl but her father was VERY disapproving, almost to the point of physical violence. It was a whole Romeo and Juliet situation. The second dream came some time later where I was basically a part of a Civil War at my high school. Ultimately I found myself in a room with a bunch of injured people from the other side and I was sort of begging them not to kill me or give me up to the authorities. So naturally those two dreams segwayed, over about 8 years, into a story about a young man from the North who runs away from home, joins the Southern Army, and winds up injured and stuck back in his hometown, hated by the townsfolk, and falling in love with a girl, all whilst questioning his identity after his father dies without having come to terms with their issues with one another.

The second one is sort of like Ulysses, and the inspirational dream came within the last 5 years maybe. But basically this guy and gal fall in love at a young age. It’s kind of sci-fi and takes place in a sort of commune. They are madly in love, but he’s like a jedi-type-thingy where he goes away for long periods of time and gets himself into life-threatening situations, and he eventually loses all contact with the commune for like, 15 years. Turns out his girlfriend got pregnant during his last visit, but he doesn’t know, so she’s assumed he’s dead, as has everyone else, and she’s sort of moved on with her life. BUT OH NO HE DIDN’T show up 15 years later and he’s still madly in love with her, but she’s conflicted, but now they’ve both got a 15 year old son. It’s a dramatic relationship kind of story. But I’m sucker for that stuff.

Lastly, and most recently, is a story that is partially inspired by the Among The Hidden series of YA fiction by Margaret Peterson Haddix, in addition to a dream that I had in the last few years. It involves a dystopian world where you can only have one child. The family in question has twin boys and is forced to hide one because they’re not cruel people who kill a baby nor give it away to the gov’t to become a sort of security/police drone. But the brothers, during their youth, learn to mimic one another, and they switch places going to school and what not, to allow both to experience the world. When they turn 12 the “extra” boy must be spirited away from the high security compound/country (I’m not sure how big, physically, this dystopia is yet), and some 6-10 years later the boy still in dystopia is orchestrating a rebellion to bring down the oppressive gov’t, and he asks his exiled twin brother to return from the outside world to take his place in dystopia. Complications have arisen and he can no longer stay, but it’s crucial that he remains the secret leader of the rebellion, so his brother takes his place, tries his best to mimic him, having barely corresponded with him since they parted, and keep the rebellion alive. And of course, because I love a good love story, he accidentally falls in love with one of the lieutenants, if you will, of the rebellion. See, he’s supposed to have a girlfriend that he will soon marry, but the real him has carried a torch for this Lt. girl ever since he was a kid and still lived in Dystopia. She eventually sees through his unfortunate attempts to pretend he’s in love with his brother’s girlfriend, and realizes something is amiss. Her captain does not seem to be who he says he is. But turns out she kind of likes him too. So they have to deal with that personal melodrama whilst working toward the climactic attempted take down of the gov’t. This story is rather complicated. Possibly non-linear storytelling. It’s new, so we’ll see how it develops.

SOOOOOOOO long story short I will tell you my dreams on this blog, and sometimes I will turn them into stories. And now that I think about it, maybe I’ll give you a snippet of the stories I’ve already got going since I’ve already invested a lot of space in this first post for them.

I like to write at night before I go to bed. Which doesn’t allow much time to get stuff done before I get sleepy, and tonight is no exception. It’s nearly 1:30am. I will end this post with some personal reminders/possible brainstorms for ideas for my next post.

  • Dream: “I like you too much to actually be with you.”
  • Alien abductions are waking dreams but are still scary as shit.
  • It’s the worst when I get lost in a dream, and then it changes, and I can’t revert back. Damnit!

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